Client Work

Soft Studio

Soft Studio NYC melds the principles of function and aesthetic design into household articles that are nothing short of modern works of art from their iconic wall hook to their newly designed table lamp. 

Below are a few examples from a collaborated effort for the packaging design of their hooks. The contour and movement of the shapes evoke a splendid repartee of softness and rigidity, echoing Soft Studio's thoughtful architecture of malleable metals.

The Plunge

The Plunge is "your unofficial best man" and a platform dedicated to offering a wealth of advice, tools, and services to couples primarily on the path of matrimony. 


Below is a selection of collages and illustrations I created to be used as either the hero image or a supplemental graphic for their published articles. The goal was to lend an artful, yet comical visual cue to highlight the premise.

Bullfrog + Baum

Bullfrog + Baum is an award-winning PR and marketing firm specializing in services within the hospitality industry. With 20 years of expertise and ingenuity under their belt, B + B has a far-reaching reputation for excellence and success.

Below is a sampling of presentation pages I designed for B + B, intended for a potential, interested client. With only minimal available details of the client's brand, I utilized a clean layout, refined with textured shapes and a grid-based composition to accentuate the pitch. 


Note: In the interest of protecting B + B's intellectual property, the original text has been replaced with lorem ipsum script, but the integrity of the design remains unblemished.

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